A worthy end for each animal. Innovation for the farm and slaughterhouse.

Animal welfare, employees benefits, social responsability. Stressless stunning!

Anoxia, why

Animals live, animals die. Sometimes scheduled as at slaughter, sometimes unscheduled during outbreaks of animal diseases, or if animals cease to be vital. Death is inherent to life.

Anoxia's core value is in a humane handling of animals, especially towards the end of their life.

  1. Livestock and slaughterhouse
    Our technology is applicable in all types of livestock industry and in slaughterhouses. The technique is simple, cost effective and highly scalable.
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  2. Products and services.
    The technology is delivered with a nitrogen generator and a control unit for creation of foam. The animal will be placed into the container where the foam is being produced. Innovation from nature. Easy to operate in daily practice.

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  3. The technology:
    Nitrogen Technology: our technology uses nitrogen gas, naturally present in air. Animals immersed in this oxygen-poor foam are being stunned very quickly without noticing. A painless death occurs in a few minutes. Without agony, without stress.
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Anoxia, the technic

Innovation from nature

Anoxia's innovative technology uses nitrogen gas, naturally present in air. Air consists for 78% of nitrogen gas.

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Anoxia at my farm

Summing up the advantages

Even under proper management, animals will fall ill or get injured. These animals will have to be euthanized in a most humane way in order to prevent further suffering. Without stress for your animals!

Most euthanizing methods put also a considerable stress on your staff. One of Anoxia's important advantages is that staff satisfaction at your farm can be increased hugely by introducing foam technology. Staff can be trained easily, and...

Research & Legislation

In 2013 a new EU Regulation, 1099/2009, entered into force concerning the protection of animals at killing, in which stunning with inert gases (such as nitrogen) is permitted. This Regulation is...

Research in euthanizing animals is being done at various places in the world. Anoxia has its own tech lab in the Netherlands. For animal welfare tests we work...

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