Stressless stunning

Research in euthanizing animals is being done at various places in the world. Anoxia has its own tech lab in the Netherlands. For animal welfare tests we work with various well known scientific institutes,.  In August 2015 in Germany a research program was strarted to compare various stunning methods, including the Anoxia technology, for use at the farm for care animals and in slaughterhouses. Also application in herd culling during outbreaks is being considered.

These German projects are being supported by the Animal Disease Funds of Lower Saxony and North Rhine- Westphalia. These Funds organize outbreak control interventions and finance these through a levy per chicken or pig. Anoxia provides the technology, Harm Kiezebrink is connected as Research Fellow to these Institutes, The Animal Disease Funds of Bavaria and Baden-Wurttemberg may join shortly.

Additionally, a total of 40 farms are involved in tests to develop Standard Operating procedures. Also here Anoxia provides the technology, and the research is being conducted by the official Institues. The results will be translated into more detailed regulations on state level in Germany. One of the advantages of the Anoxia method is that it can be used for individual care animals as well for herd culling. A general introduction of the Anoxia method for individual cases will at the same time generate capacity for outbreak control.

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