Towards more animal-friendly methods

In 2013 a new EU Regulation, 1099/2009, entered into force concerning the protection of animals at killing, in which stunning with inert gases (such as nitrogen) is permitted. This Regulation is an important step towards more animal-friendly stunning methods. Also in 2013 a scientific article showed that in poultry the Anoxia method in fact causes stunning through absence of oxygen rather than on e.g. clogging of the respiratory duct.

Thus, practical application of Anoxia Foam has been made possible. Under the EU Regulation national veterinary authorities can issue more detailed rules for use in stunning.  In England these rules are contained in ‘The Welfare of Animals at the Time of Killing’  Read more:

Rules for stunning and killing apply to animals to be used in consumption (slaughter) but also to farm animals (euthanizing). Besides legal rule, euthanizing at the farm may be subjected to demands in quality assurance systems (certification). When euthanizing animals at the farm all applicable rules need to be heeded.




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