Let's talk about responsible euthanasia

Starting with ANOXIA

Anoxia offers a total solution for responsible euthanasia. First you assess the procedures for euthanasia on your farm. The decision aid then helps you decide whether euthanization of an animal is necessary. You then euthanize the animal with full respect for both animals and humans. We can also offer training and support for you and your veterinarian.

"It is essential for me that I work in line with statutory requirements and the demands of society."
"It is a more acceptable system for me and my employees."
"I can release non-viable animals from their suffering, so that healthy piglets can enjoy a better life."

Decision Aid

On every farm, animals are born that are not viable, become sick or injured and cannot recover even with adequate care. Sometimes these animals are untreatable or will continue to suffer from irremediable pain.

The decision of whether or not to euthanize is a key element of animal welfare. Timely euthanasia prevents unnecessary suffering. To support livestock farmers in reaching this decision we have developed the Anoxia Decision Tool for pigs up to weaning. This tool helps you reach a responsible decision on the euthanization or treatment of a piglet.


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