25 years of farm experience

Anoxia's core value is in a humane handling of animals, especially towards the end of their life. Over 20 years ago the brethren Harm and Hanno Kiezebrink developed a method to stun male one-day chicks of layer races with carbon dioxide, instead of drowning, suffocating or live shredding as was usual at the time. This carbon dioxide method is now being widely used in Europe. The one-day chicks are sold as a high-quality, special fodder for birds of prey and reptiles.  Because of the income generated, hatcheries can afford to apply this method. Nowadays, their company Kiezebrink Putten is processing 70% of the one-day chicks in Europe.

A next step forward was made in 2003 in the Netherlands, after a major outbreak of animal flue destroyed almost all of the Dutch poultry industry. Being the only supplier of field techniques, teams led by Harm Kiezebrink performed flock culling of over 1,100 farms with electrocution and carbon dioxide stunning techniques. Although successful, these techniques proved to be unsatisfactory because of unnecessary animal suffering. In addition, extensive animal handling proved to generate risks for human health and for spreading of the disease. Almost half of the crew had been in contact with avian flue viruses, as shown by the presence of antibodies in their blood.  This experience was the reason to develop the Anoxia Foam technology, to stun and kill animals stress-free by immersing ain a low-oxygen atmosphere of foam. filled with pure nitrogen.

Anoxia obtained a European patent for this technology and is now focusing on development, market introduction, sales and training of the Anoxia Foam technology. The development phase is now nearing its completing, together and in close collaboration with several scientific Institutes. As an innovative company, Anoxia is supported by Start-Life and Gelderland Innovationsof the public development company Oost NV, as well by the EU-funded Food 2002 programme for regional collaboration.

Anoxia has collaboration agreement with major suppliers and distributors. One of them is the worldwide enterprise Parker Hannifin, a maker of nitrogen generators to produce nitrogen gas out of air.


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