Innovation from nature

Anoxia's innovative technology uses nitrogen gas, naturally present in air. Air consists for 78% of nitrogen gas. We use air to produce Anoxia foam with 99% of nitrogen gas.  Animals immersed in this oxygen-less foam are being stunned very quickly without noticing. A painless death occurs in a few minutes. Without agony, without stress.

In this way Anoxia's innovative technology contributes to a better animal welfare, better working conditions for those involved and a better image for animal husbandry and the meat industry.

The technology is simple and scalable to meet the needs of all sizes of farms.

Anoxia's foam technology is proprietary, but the principle of foam technology is widely used in fire prevention and fire fighting.  Pilots of aircraft receive training in recognizing euphoric feelings of anoxia -in this case of course unwanted- during safety drills.


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