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Tuesday, 9 July, 2019

System for humane euthanasia of non-viable animals

Anoxia developed a novel technology for humanely euthanizing diseased pigs and poultry individually at the farm, to replace traditional manual methods. Animals are put in a box that is flooded with high-expansion anoxic nitrogen foam. They lose consciousness within 15-20 seconds and die in 1-3 minutes. Anoxia’s standardized high-expansion nitrogen foam has minimal negative impact on animal welfare. The Anoxia Box is the keystone of the Anoxia Concept with tools to help deciding whether to treat or to euthanize a diseased animal. The Concept consists of a quality manual with registration, data collection as well as training. Anoxia nitrogen foam technology is fully scalable and can safely be used for small and big animals, from newborn piglets to pigs of 70 kg and more. Anoxia Foam Technology is compliant to EU Regulations and has been internationally accepted by farmers, their staff, vets, meat industry and animal welfare groups. Benefits: ease of use, a healthier stock, better for staff -compliant – fitting into quality systems – hygienic and prevents contamination.


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