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Thursday, 19 January, 2017

Consumers more and more prefer to buy meat, whereby more attention has been given to animal welfare during the process. When it comes to this, the location where the consumer buys the meat has no importance, whether it is a full service supermarket or a discounter, a national or a regional chain. The importance of animal welfare is increasing. This is one of the many interesting findings of the fifth edition of the Vion Consumer Monitor.

The consumer chooses quality
The research involving more than 2,500 households of the GfK household panel shows that a majority of the respondents considers meat an important part of their nutrition. But it is no longer self-evident for everyone to have it on the menu (almost) daily. If the consumers choose meat, they more often choose quality.

Popularity of organic and welfare quality labels
Concepts which represent quality in the eyes of the consumer, such as organic meat and meat with welfare quality labels, are becoming increasingly popular. Consumers are prepared to pay more for these products. To be able to satisfy this increasing demand for sustainable meat, the abattoir of Vion in Groenlo has been converted into a specialised location for the processing of sustainable concepts. From the end of September 2016, all pigs from the market concepts Good Farming Star and of the organic range De Groene Weg will be slaughtered in Groenlo.

Dutch meat has an excellent reputation
A large majority (60%) of consumers is of the opinion that Dutch meat is of excellent quality. Origin has been playing an important role for some time in the purchase of meat, and it is expected that this will become even more relevant in future. Consumers are also increasingly willing to pay more for Dutch meat, because they are of the opinion that the farmer should also have a good remuneration for his work.

Pork... The most versatile piece of meat
It is also clear from the Vion Consumer Monitor that in the eyes of the consumer, pork, not chicken, is the most versatile meat. Pork is easy to prepare and there is a diverse range of products (with varied flavours).

Vion Consumer Monitor
The Vion Consumer Monitor – part of the Vion Made-to-Measure Solutions - is aimed at a better understanding of the person who buys meat and the meat buying process. This is the fifth time the research has been carried out with the more than 2,500 households of the GfK household panel.

The Vion Consumer Monitor 2016 contains extensive consumer information about the perception, wishes, spending habits and the purchasing process regarding meat. The Consumer Monitor gives an insight into the specific growth potential and/or points to be improved per retailer. Insights which help the retailer to develop his meat range further, and to optimise the returns.

Vion Food is a food company which operates internationally. In 2015, Vion had a turnover of € 4.6 billion. Vion Holding N.V. is an unlisted company and has one indirect shareholder, NCB Ontwikkeling, which is affiliated with the Southern Agricultural and Horticultural Organisation (ZLTO).

Source and download of the report: http://bit.ly/2jbJg7o


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