Stunning of pigs before slaughter

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Monday, 1 August, 2016

Throughout the years, Eyes on Animals inspectors have visited many slaughterhouses. We see many – major and minor – differences in the equipment used, as well as the handling of the animals. Differences are particularly noted in pig slaughterhouses- some plants use electrical stunning while others use CO2 to render the pigs unconscious before slaughter. We decided to lobby pig slaughterhouses to allow us to film the behaviour of the pigs being stunned with electricity and with CO2. By making a film, Eyes on Animals wants to stimulate discussion about these methods. Both have their advantages and disadvantages, but our goal is to stimulate industry and researchers to develop a brand new method that does not have any of the aversive aspects of CO2 and yet where pigs can still move in groups.


Read more and view the video: http://bit.ly/2aJoMD0


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