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Monday, 29 April, 2019

WVA-Award for Decision Tool for Euthanizing Piglets in Pig Farming

The Board of the World Veterinary Association has awarded the Animal Welfare Award 2019 to Anette van der Aa. The Dutch veterinarian, who works for Anoxia, receives the award for developing the "decision-support tool euthanasia". This is a tool that pig farmers use to decide whether or not to euthanize a weak animal.

Anette van der Aa received the award today at the 35th World Veterinary Association Congress in Costa Rica. The World Veterinary Association held the election of the best animal welfare initiative this year for the third time, with support from Ceva Animal Health Care.

Anette van der Aa developed the decision support tool as part of the solution that Anoxia offers pig farmers. In addition to the tool, this includes training and the euthanasia box. This box allows pig and poultry farmers to quickly and humanely euthanize their no longer viable animals with the help of nitrogen gas.

Veterinarian Van der Aa worked closely with the parties involved in Dutch pig farming for the development of the decision support tool. In addition to veterinary / scientific organizations such as Utrecht University and the Royal Dutch Veterinary Medicine Association, she also consulted with other stakeholders, such as pig producers organizations and individual pig farmers. In 2017 the concept of the decision tool was already awarded "The best idea of pig land" trophy.       

Dare to care
Anette van der Aa is happy to comment on the award ceremony. “This recognition by a global organization shows that it is possible to improve the welfare of animals everywhere, with practical support and to make difficult topics open to discussion. I see it as an incentive for all veterinarians to improve animal welfare together with livestock farmers. My call to fellow vets is therefore: dare to care. "

Watch the video about the Desicion-support Tool euthanasia here.


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