A worthy end for each animal

Animals live, animals die. Sometimes scheduled as at slaughter, sometimes unscheduled during outbreaks of animal diseases, or if animals cease to be vital. Death is inherent to life. Anoxia's philosophy is that existing methods can, and should be, improved. It is a responsibility of all chain partners to take care of this. Every animal deserves a worthy end.

Both in the poultry and pig industries euthanizing methods are used that do not deserve their name, and cause stress for farmers, staff and animals alike.

Especially with piglets, proper care during the first hours after birth is essential. High death rates in piglets of 7-15% raises concerns with consumers and NGO's and exposes a sensitive flaw: the industry has a difficulty in communicating sensitive issues.

The industry is clearly aware of the importance of openness and social involvement. However, critics focus on socially sensitive themes that the industry finds awkward to handle. Ethical issues are being framed as economic decisions, in a way that does not take the experience of citizens into account. No consumer understands, or wants to understand, if one in seven piglets die prematurely. Here citizens do not care for economics or markets - they just want to know whether farmers take proper care for their animals. The industry should anticipate on this.

A notion that real changes are needed is one of the essential pillars of communicating sensitive issues. This is a task of the industry itself.

Farms with low death rates are amongst the best farms, but there's always a spread. Anoxia wants to contribute to a solution, with an alternative, worthy method.


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